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Hi! I'm Carol - The Cottage Wife. My husband Brian and I have had a cottage on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada for 10 years now, and thought it would be fun to share some of our adventures with you. Like any cottage, it's a great place for friends & family and adventures like snakes, bears (real and impersonated), and renovations. And when it comes to those renovations - NOTHING at the cottage is normal! We've discovered that's the most normal part of cottage renovations. I'm sure you'll hear more about that as these have been some of the greatest adventures we've had so far. When we're not in DIY and renovation mode we go hiking, fishing and exploring. Enjoy! Leave comments & questions ... it's all good!

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A Winter Hike
Carol Glover The Cottage Wife

Carol Glover

The Cottage Wife

I love to read, write and do all kinds of creative things. I’ve self-published¬†one book¬†and have my first fiction piece under-way. When I’m reading (a perfect cottage pastime), I usually have at least 2 books underway: one light fiction and one I can learn from. I’ll share my favorite book reviews and pieces of my writing life here too.

Brian Glover The Cottage Husband

Brian Glover

The Cottage Husband

Every cottage needs a handyman, a story teller and a bartender. Our cottage is lucky to have all three in this guy! And he’s handsome too! Don’t worry, it’s not all work and no play for this guy. Brian makes plenty of time for fishing, hiking and other cottage adventures. You can see the latest ones on his YouTube channel 6 North Outdoors.

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