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My husband Brian and I have had a cottage on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada for 10 years now, and thought it would be fun to share some of our adventures with you.

Like any cottage, it’s a great place for friends & family and adventures like snakes, bears (real and impersonated), and renovations. And when it comes to those renovations – NOTHING at the cottage is normal! We’ve discovered that’s the most normal part of cottage renovations. I’m sure you’ll hear more about that as these have been some of the greatest adventures we’ve had so far. When we’re not in DIY and renovation mode we go hiking, fishing and exploring.

Enjoy! Leave comments, ask questions … it’s all good!

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Cottage Quirks

Let’s face it, most cottages have a quirk, or two. Many quirks are simply a part of living in the country; most are things you’d never see – except at a cottage. Rural living quirks are things like random power outages and Bell Canada not being able to locate you even though you know the cottage has

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The Catamarak's maiden voyage

The Catamarak ~ DIY Watercraft

Last night as I was trying to fall asleep, I started running through some happy memories of the cottage (always a sweet way to fall asleep). My mind stumbled across our adventures with watercraft from our early cottage days, and I couldn’t help but chuckle, so I thought I’d share it. Shortly after our cottage adventures

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closing the cottage for winter

Winter Ready Tips for Cottage Closing

We’re almost here – cottage closing time – only a few more weeks to go. (Insert the sound of heavy sobs here.) We are extremely lucky at our place; we can stay through the beginning of winter and open early in the spring without being uncomfortably chilled for the whole weekend.  Some things we’ve done to make this

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hammock time

What Cottage Life is Really About

The Smells, The Sounds, The Feel of Cottage Life Summer is turning to fall. I’m sitting on the deck at the cottage; shorts and t-shirts are replaced by pants and a hoodie. The blooms in the garden are slowly surrendering to the cool nights and short days; it’s almost time for their nap. The birds, chipmunks,

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rattlesnake sign

Wet Towels And A Rattlesnake

One evening after a full day of fun, the weather was threatening rain so we started to put a few things away and prepare to come inside for the night. At the last minute I remembered that we had towels and swimsuits drying on the line in the back yard. Brian was kind enough to go out back and I wasn’t far behind him to lend a hand.

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Adventures with The Cottage Husband