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My husband Brian and I have had a cottage on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada for 10 years now, and thought it would be fun to share some of our adventures with you.

Like any cottage, it’s a great place for friends & family and adventures like snakes, bears (real and impersonated), and renovations. And when it comes to those renovations – NOTHING at the cottage is normal! We’ve discovered that’s the most normal part of cottage renovations. I’m sure you’ll hear more about that as these have been some of the greatest adventures we’ve had so far. When we’re not in DIY and renovation mode we go hiking, fishing and exploring.

Enjoy! Leave comments, ask questions … it’s all good!

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cartoon bugs

The Battle of the Bugs

We’re in year #8 with the cottage, and I’m pretty sure we’ve had the same conversation every spring: BUGS! How do we control the bugs? How do we get away from them? We have long conversations about our desperate quest to take our yard back from these invaders. Black flies, mosquitos, deer flies: they are relentless. While we do

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All About the Birds

We’re in the bush, with loads of birds flittering around. Of course we’d want to attract and feed them so we can enjoy them up close. Naturally, we had some concerns about bigger animals getting to the feeders, damaging gardens or worse – finding better goodies in our sheds. Our overall plan: be smart and careful

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spring at the cottage

Cottage Opening: The Best Day of the Year and How to Keep it That Way!

We live in Canada where technically there are 4 clear seasons. For cottage owners, we really only have 2: cottage season and wish we were at the cottage season. This is the start of Cottage Season. Cottage opening day brings with it equal parts apprehension and exhilaration. You just don’t know what you’ll be walking into. If you’re

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cottage septic bed

The Faulty Septic Bed

On a fine early-summer morning, just a few years into cottage ownership, Brian was wandering aimlessly around the edge of our well-treed front yard. The ground was fairly dry and solid after the spring melt by then so he was surprised to have a step go squish. He stepped back, then forward and squish again.

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Taking Possession – Day 1!

I remember the day like yesterday: the day we took possession of our cottage. Or did it take possession of us?! We came in knowing we were in for a lot of work; you know, the usual moving day, cleaning-type of work. Each step we took deeper into the place showed us more and more filth, and more and more damage.

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