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Not long ago I was wandering aimlessly up and down the aisles of my local Bulk Food Store looking for some sort of inspiration. I can’t really recall if I was looking for an ingredient for a DIY body product or for an exciting new baking ingredient. What I stumbled upon though has left me with a major crush on The Unscented Company.

The Unscented Company Essentials Kit
Image used with permission from The Unscented Company

High up on the shelf at the end of the aisle, packed in with the natural soaps and shampoos, there it was … Unscented Dish Soap and Dish Washer Tabs! I’m not even sure how my eyes were drawn up there; I could barely reach high enough to grab it. I immediately remembered that dishes aren’t supposed to smell like lemons or lavender. I’m also pretty sure that those scents – in most products – are not composed of real lemons and lavender. So, I bought one of each right there and then. I haven’t stopped buying them since and have added more of their products to my cleaning routine when my other eco-cleaning products won’t do. Here’s why:

5 Things I Love About The Unscented Company Products:

  1. They’re unscented! Most scented soaps or cleaners, even candles, are too scented for me. Often with scented products I quickly end up with a headache that lasts much longer than the odour when I use them.
  2. They’re about as environmentally friendly as I’ve found so far. They’re the closest to “green” that I’ve found at anywhere near a reasonable price. I’ll admit I haven’t researched every ingredient in the products but what I have researched, I’m happy with.  And these days I’m okay with simply doing the best I can with what I’ve found so far – because this whole “environmental living” quest can be overwhelming and fraught with sketchy information. 
  3. I don’t end up with chemical burns on my hands after doing the dishes a few days in a row. When we moved into this house (closer to the cottage YAY!), it didn’t have a dishwasher. I wound up doing a lot of dishes by hand while unpacking. I thought I chose the least horrible commercial soap but soon my hands were so red and raw that I had to buy rubber gloves to do the dishes. That just seems wrong doesn’t it? Thankfully I found The Unscented Company products shortly after we moved.
  4. They have recyclable refill boxes! And the math works on a price/litre costing. (I’m not sure why I’m so surprised by this – I just am.)
  5. Their household products are readily available through Amazon, at your local Canadian Tire store or you can purchase direct from their website. They also have a personal care line which I’m looking forward to researching and trying too!
Image used with permission from The Unscented Company

Is there anything I don’t like about The Unscented Company?

So far NO! Not only are their products awesome but when I reached out to them to use their images in this post, the responded quickly and kindly. And that’s not all; they are also a Certified B Company which means they’re committed to being a successful business in partnership with their community AND the planet AND they’re Canadian!

I was already hooked on The Unscented Company but when I watched their pitch on an episode of The Dragon’s Den – well, that’s when I became a true fan.

And did I mention … The Unscented Company Products WORK!

I guess that’s important too right? In fact, they make me look good as a “non-diligent” housekeeper. Every product I’ve tried has resulted in a superior clean.

So … Superior Clean … Planet-friendly … Unscented … I can’t think of anything else I’d ask for in my cleaning products. Now, I’m going to order some body products and give them a shot! Have you tried The Unscented Company yet?

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