What does Living Lightly Mean to You?

To me it means it means making life more simple, more fun and making choices in the things that I do with consideration for others and the environment around me. What you’ll notice here is that I’m not denouncing modern life in favour of “the good ole days.” Life was hard back then; just getting food on the table was a day-long chore – EVERY DAY. I’d starve for sure. Besides, inventions were invented for a reason right? 

I like to think I’m here to find that sweet spot between old-time values and modern living. I hope you’ll stick around and see how this works out for me … and maybe find some useful things you can carry into your own home.

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Our Cottage is Sold!

How to Sell Your Cottage

How is selling a cottage different from selling a house? It’s a little strange to think that selling a cottage could be any different from selling a house, and I’m sure that the tips below could apply to both. You can read my post that goes into more depth about the differences between a cottage

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Renovate or Build

Should We Renovate the Cottage or Build New For Retirement?

I guess I owe you a bit of a catch-up here. Things had been ticking along so nicely, I barely had anything to write about! Well, time ticks on and we’re inching closer and closer and closer to retirement. The conversations about where we’re going to live and how we’re going to fund any projects

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The Unscented Company – Clean Doesn’t Have To Smell

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I may earn a commission from your purchase, at no additional cost to you.  Not long ago I was wandering aimlessly up and down the aisles of my local Bulk Food Store looking for some sort of inspiration. I can’t really recall if I was looking for an ingredient

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Living lightly

Going Green at The Cottage

I’ve been struggling with this topic for a while now – years in fact. Going Green. Green Living. Eco-consciousness. It seems odd when the topic is so important to me, but in light of the global uprising of reducing our footprint on the planet, I think I need to just write what I know so

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hummingbird feeder

How to Keep Ants Out of Your Hummingbird Feeder

Ants Can Make Your Hummingbird Feeder Disgusting and Make Hummingbirds Sick Keeping ants out of our hummingbird feeder has been a long-time wish of mine … until last month! Last month I was visiting my mom, sitting on her back deck talking about birds and trees and gardening. At one point I mentioned how much

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Adventures with The Cottage Husband