Top 5 Unique Gifts for Father’s Day

Even though my dad is no longer around for me to spoil on Father’s day, I have some great ideas for things I’d do or give to him. Fortunately, I still have lots of dads and dad-like guys in my life to honour this Father’s Day.

Here are my Top 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas ( the ones that I’m willing to share anyway) for 2022 that won’t break the bank and will give Dad hours of entertainment all year long!

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1. Fishing Tracker & Diary

If the man in your life loves to fish and finds himself either wishing he’d taken notes or arguing with his buddies about what was caught, when and where … this is the perfect combo gift for him!

2. Beer or Wine Tasting Journal

For the beer or wine enthusiast Dads, these journals help them keep track of what they’ve tasted and meaningful notes on their tasting experience. There’s also space in each to note selections they want to try so they don’t forget. Hint … you can sneak into these later for more ideas on what to get them for future Father’s Days!

3. Gardening Journals

Yup, real men love gardening too and these journals give them plenty of space to plan and track their successes … and challenges. Let’s face it, geeking out on wins, losses and trends is half the fun for most guys.

4. Book and Movie Journals

For the Dads who love to read or are film enthusiasts, these journals will help them keep track of their experiences. Just think what it would be like to watch or read some of Dad’s faves with him or surprise him with a deep conversation about something you’ve both read or watched. You could even share or pass down these journals for years!

5. The Meater

Brian has the Original Meater and WOWEE his grilling game has levelled up BIG TIME!

Any of these gifts, on their own or as part of another gift would be a gift that keeps giving Dad … and you … great experiences for more than just the one lousy day we officially honour them. I think they’d be a great way to share ideas and experiences with him for a long time to come.

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