Falling Down Girlfriend by Cheri Caddick

5.0 rating
  • PublisherIndependent
  • Published3/20/2017
  • Pages340

More side splitting comedy…how is this not a movie?

OH … MY … GOSH!!!!! Cheri’s done it again with Falling Down Girlfriend!

While reading “Falling Down Girl” I was forced to stop laughing long enough to read passages to whomever I was in the room with – you can’t laugh that hard and not share! In “Falling Down Girlfriend” I just couldn’t stop laughing! Occasionally I would be politely asked to stop reading or leave the room if I couldn’t share. It must be because Allie is a part of my life now. Now the back stories make the situations she finds herself in even more rich.

You might find Allie’s life is too ridiculous for words … the thing is … I can totally relate to her ability to trip over nothing and turn meal preparation into a circus. (My mother’s “normal” though.)

Advice to readers …

  1. Read this first book first and
  2. If you’re not into being okay with the silly things we humans do, this book is not for you.

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