Rooted In Nature: Stories of Hope, Healing And Feminine Wisdom

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  • Published1/11/2017
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You know you’ve stumbled upon a good book when shortly after you begin reading you get testy with the person who comes in and tries to get you to do something else.

I should probably open with a bit of information about myself. I am not a “divine feminine/sacred goddess circle” kind of girl. Normally, I run for the hills at the mention of anything like feminine wisdom. That’s not to say I don’t believe women carry with them some innate knowing, I know we do (men do too by the way).

This book by Nancy Broadley captured my heart.

I tried valiantly to read it slowly. I wanted to savor the stories and expand my own knowing of what women (in general) can be capable of. My attempts to take this book in slowly failed … miserably. With each story I was in awe of the strength of the generations of women who came before me. I realized that what our mothers did had nothing to do with what future generations would think of them; they were merely “getting by.”

This book evoked gratitude and sadness in equal measure.

I found myself grateful for the knowledge these women have passed down from mother to daughter. I was saddened that our lessons in the kitchen and the field have largely been lost within one or two generations. Rooted in Nature by Nancy Broadley also gave me hope. It gave me hope that those of us seeking can find a closer relationship with the earth and with the knowledge the past.

And in a completely unexpected way, it gave me perspective on the challenges we women face today too. I’m not saying I’d enjoy a life without many of the creature comforts we enjoy today. I will say though that this book brought me closer to the knowing that the earth provides all we require if we are only willing to look and be in allowance of things not always being easy.

Much gratitude to the author, Nancy Broadley, for showing me at least one step back to the fortitude and wisdom of our past.

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