Mitzi Bytes by Kerry Clare

3.0 rating
  • PublisherHarper Avenue
  • Published3/14/2017
  • Pages304

Time for some summer fun reading!

I don’t often have time to wander aimlessly through a grocery store but one sultry summer Saturday afternoon I did. As I wandered the aisles I came across the book section. I usually don’t pay attention to books in a grocery store but that day I had time to linger… so I did.

As I ran my fingers across the stacks of books, I’d stop briefly on one, then another. Then Mitzi Bytes by Kerry Clare grabbed me! The inside flap described a blogger who created her online persona and after years of writing she was exposed. Trying to remain incognito so she could write freely wound up making her the talk of the town. Mitzi finds herself at a crossroads with her writing and some of her relationships.

I was hooked immediately!

I can’t say this is a hilarious book, and it may not be brilliantly written, but it is a light, enjoyable read. It cleverly demonstrates the vivid mind (world) of a writer and the …. ummmmm ….. awkward moments it can create for us. The Author brings up dilemmas most authors encounter at some point in their writing life – even if we don’t want to admit it.

I’m not sure if it was intentional but through Mitzi Bytes, the Author encourages writers to examine our perceptions and our calling. Kerry guides us through these examinations through the eyes of one anonymous writer and leads us to having more confidence in our voice.

For a “light and enjoyable” read, I have learned so much more about writers and the craft of writing. Thanks Kerry!

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