Were you looking for Writing on Air? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place. I’ve combined my love of writing and reading with my love of Cottage Living. I hope that makes as much sense to you as it does to me – the cottage is where my mind is free for all things creative. Please stay, explore and enjoy! 

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I Am a Writer: My Characters Keep Me Up at Night

I think I can officially call myself a writer now! I’ve had my book keep me up at night as it played out scenes in my head. Allow me to back up a bit … Sunday night I got online with a few writer girlfriends. We are all working on writing projects – I’m the

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Frank McKinely

Frank McKinley: Tribe Builder

Can you imagine selling 10,000 books? How about 500? How about over 25,000 books!  Frank McKinley has been a writer since he could pick up a pen. When the boys his age were playing war with toy soldiers and pellet guns, he was designing magazines made of construction paper and crayons. Inside were articles, pictures,

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The Start of a Book Plan

Do I Need a Book Plan?

So far through this novel writing experience I find myself continuing to fall into two traps: not making the time to write consistently and writing myself into corners. I know my solution to the first trap: choose to make it more of a priority. Writing myself into corners seems to be a little bit trickier

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Blake Powell

Blake Powell Asks: Are You a Bulletproof Writer?

What is a bulletproof writer? If you’ve been watching my blog lately, you’ll have noticed that I’ve been binge reading about writing and creativity. One of the common threads I’ve noticed in all of my reading is the idea of writing community. In my recent post I mention a number of Facebook groups that are

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Eventually You Have to Write!

I didn’t want to write another post about not writing and how okay that is … sometimes. So, I had to actually get myself writing! One thing I’ve discovered is that I’m really good at talking about writing and learning about writing – and I’ve been crap at actually DOING the WRITING! Eventually though …

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