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My husband Brian and I have had a cottage on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada for 10 years now, and thought it would be fun to share some of our adventures with you.

Like any cottage, it’s a great place for friends & family and adventures like snakes, bears (real and impersonated), and renovations. And when it comes to those renovations – NOTHING at the cottage is normal! We’ve discovered that’s the most normal part of cottage renovations. I’m sure you’ll hear more about that as these have been some of the greatest adventures we’ve had so far. When we’re not in DIY and renovation mode we go hiking, fishing and exploring.

Enjoy! Leave comments, ask questions … it’s all good!

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finished firewood frame from re-purposed fence panel

New Firewood Frame from Old Fence Frame

One of the many things we like to do at the cottage is re-purposing building materials. While we don’t go around salvaging items willy nilly, for the one day we might use them, we do sometimes find ourselves with projects that are perfect candidates for re-purposing building materials. Sometimes we seek the items on local

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Follow Your Favorite Blogs in One Place … Bloglovin’

One of my favorite things to do on a slow Sunday morning at the cottage is to catch up on my favorite blogs. It’s the modern day equivalent to reading the morning newspaper I think. The trouble is that I like a lot of blogs! So, I keep looking for easier ways to get to

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Autumn in cottage country

5 Things We Love About Autumn at the Cottage

By this time of year most people have closed their cottages and migrated back to their lives in the city. Not us! Autumn at the cottage is one of our favorite seasons (I have 4 of them haha) and here’s why: No Bugs Of course I know that bugs are good things. They feed birds,

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Our silly Cottage Fishing Tournament Trophy

Host a Cottage Fishing Tournament

There’s nothing like a little competition to keep things interesting at the cottage! So, for the last 4 years, we’ve hosted the “Cedarwood Bass Classic,” a cottage fishing tournament. The “Cedarwood Bass Classic” or CBC for short, has evolved from an all summer event to just a few weeks. And we’ve changed a few of

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Book Review

Mitzi Bytes by Kerry Clare

Time for some summer fun reading! A book review of Mitzi Bytes by Kerry Clare. I don’t often have time to wander aimlessly through a grocery store but one sultry summer Saturday afternoon I did. As I wandered the aisles I came across the book section. I usually don’t pay attention to books in a

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Book Review

Falling Down Girlfriend by Cheri Caddick

More side splitting comedy…how is this not a movie? OH … MY … GOSH!!!!! Cheri’s done it again with Falling Down Girlfriend! While reading “Falling Down Girl” I was forced to stop laughing long enough to read passages to whomever I was in the room with – you can’t laugh that hard and not share!

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